Swing For The Fences
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A conversation with Gilli Braunstein, author of Swing For The Fences.

Q. What inspired you to write Swing For The Fences?
A. Swing For The Fences was written to entertain, educate and to tell a story of a young person dealing with growing up and love. I felt a need to produce a work that young (and older) people can relate to.

Q. Why call the book Swing For The Fences when the book is not about baseball?
A. The book has a baseball themed title, yet is not about it because Swing For The Fences is an important principle of life. "Swing for the fences" means to give life your all and go after what you truly desire. Baseball is a game that I hold very dear to me! What better a metaphor to use than to swing for the fences in the game of life?

Q. What has influenced your writings the most?
A. My writing has been influenced by my daily life. Nature, movies and music have all played a part in writing this book. Most importantly, everyday conversations can make a difference, sometimes it's one line, or one word someone says that can influence my writing.

Q. Describe the writing process?
A. The writing process of this book was an interesting one to say the least. I knew where the book was going to go right from the start, it took many drafts, many hours shaping and reshaping ideas, and perseverance to tell the story in an entertaining way.

Q. Any advice you'd offer to aspiring writers?
A. To young writers, I urge you to never give up! Embrace criticism, work hard and persevere. Give life your all and always swing for the fences!