Swing For The Fences
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Swing For The Fences is here

Swing For The Fences was released on October 19th, 2008. The release was a success! Swing For The Fences is available in hardcover for $25.00 CAN. Books are available Online.

Swing For The Fences is a multi-genre book by Gilli Braunstein. The book is a work of fiction; an adventure/romance story that is intended for young adults.

More exciting news about Swing For The Fences coming soon!

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A special Thank You to everyone involved with Swing For The Fences!

Toronto Blue Jays Jose Bautista Swings For The Fences!

Chilly City Records Swings For The Fences.

Uptown Magazine calls Swing For The Fences a "home run!"

"I know one of the reasons you wanted to write this book was that feeling that teens really need something to connect to where they can feel their own experiences in a book." - Joanne Kelly, Shaw TV

"This story was a page-turner - I couldn't put it down from the moment I began reading it. I'm sure that anyone who reads this book will enjoy reading it as much as I did." - Night Owl Romance

"Swing For The Fences is a quick read for travel book lovers." - What If? Magazine

"The baseball analogy in the novel's title sums up Gill's philosophy of life: you have to 'swing for the fences.' In other words, you must go after dreams whole-heartedly and not let anything dissuade you from pursuing your goals." - CM Magazine

"The story itself is fictional, but the message - to give life your all and always swing for the fences - is one worth reading." - The Uniter

Students Swing For The Fences!

After doing a novel study on Swing For The Fences, elementary students took on an art project. Each student got a home run baseball from the Winnipeg Goldeyes 2012 Championship run and painted their ball. The book is about giving life your all and going after what you truly desire. Each student painted their goals/dreams on their baseball that they hope to achieve one day. Check it out!

Lafferty Swings For The Fences

Winnipeg Goldeyes pitcher Brendan Lafferty checks out baseball art done by students.