Swing For The Fences
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Cover Graphic

On Wednesday May 27th, 2009 at the McNally Robinson launch for Swing For The Fences, author Gilli Braunstein made an announcement that Swing For The Fences 2 has been completed and will be released at a date TBA. Below is a sample of the cover artwork and what the sequel is about.

The game was over! Everyone had gone home
except for one girl left in the grandstands.
As the sunset beneath the clouds, she sat there
alone, holding a single red rose and plenty
of memories. Swing For The Fences 2 is the
untold story. Experience the adventure and
romance of Swing For The Fences with a
surprise twist. One year later, a dinner with
that girl in the bleachers reminded me to give
life my all and always swing for the fences!